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Single session

Package of three sessions

Package of six sessions

Package of ten sessions


Single session

Package of three sessions

Package of six sessions.

Package of ten sessions

All prices are based on sixty minute sessions and can be used for our different healing services listed below. When you book with us please specify your preferred service and coach. You pay for our time, not our gifts.

Trauma Recovery coaching

For survivors of all manner of trauma. From childhood trauma, sexual abuse and domestic violence to post traumatic stress disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder, human trafficking, grief and more.

Life coaching

For personal and or professional development and help. This service helps you identify blockages or hinderances, organize, plan, set and achieve goals. If you have big dreams and feel overwhelmed about how to bring them to fruition, we can help.

Relationship coaching

For the couple or polyamorous group looking to bring health, balance and emotional wellness to their relationships. We love love!

Spiritual coach

Whether you have suffered religious abuse or have chosen to remain free from all religion, everyone can use support in their spiritual choices and practices. We honor your personal beliefs and walk you through any moral injury struggles throughout your spiritual journey.

Metaphysical/Energy healing

Chronic pain or illness sufferers be it emotional or physical, you deserve healing!

RReST Class

What is RReST?
The restorative response system theory is our very own theory that we live by and share with our clients.
It holds the secrets to living your best life from the inside out.
This six week course will walk you through understanding your mind, body and soul connection.
You will learn about your nervous system, mindset and how trauma is stored and released in your body.
You are doing the work everyday either surviving or pushing through to thrive.
We equip you with the tools to resource yourself and support others in their own journey.
You get exclusive access to a copy of the workbook for RReST, an exclusive audio version of RReST, support from our coaching team. As well you will receive a Trauma Informed Certification at the end!

Classes are held via Zoom.

Upcoming Dates are:

Tuesday evenings starting July 12th, at 6 pm EST in 90 minute classes for 6 weeks.

July 23rd, Saturday as an intensive 6 hour, single day class that starts at 11 am EST.

If you are a member of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches this course is worth 4 CEU’S towards your certifications.

Get this course for only $360.00

Note this course is normally valued at $650.00USD.

Space is limited!

Get your copy of this life changing book authored by our very own, Coach Pepper Joy, CTRC-S. This method of trauma healing is being shared and taught with coaches around the world at the international association of trauma recovery coaches. This book is part of the curriculum of the RReST class (offered above). You don’t want to miss out this healing modality that is taking the industry of psychology and the world by storm.

Payment plan and scholarship options

If you find yourself in need of our services, but your life demands limit you in budget, please reach out for our payment plans, discounts and scholarship availability. You deserve healing no matter your circumstances.

Certified Trauma Specialist