It’s here! The restorative response system theory is here and available to change your life today!

The Inside Out Experience is excited to announce the publication of RReST and our new class on what RReST is and how to implement it, both personally and professionally! This theory will help you live your best most healing life, from the inside out.

Coach Pepper Joy Greggs, CTRC-S has devoted much of her adult life to studying and understanding the impacts of trauma on the brain and body. She has been a student of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches since the fall of 2018. After years of applying her learning to different jobs and her activism in social justice and volunteer community work Coach Pepper developed the method of RReST. Which postulates that if our reptilian brain can carry ancestral knowledge for survival skills, such as, fight, flight, freeze and fawn, then our brains are also capable of having restorative responses passed down to us through ancestral wisdom. In 2021 Coach Pepper Joy ventured to marry this theory with spirituality. She succeeded in doing so through the science of the autonomic nervous system and in particular the vagus nerve, also known as the soul nerve. This ground breaking theory has been changing the world of psychology and trauma healing ever since.

Coach Pepper Joy Greggs, CTRC-S believes that healing work is mind, body and soul work. She also strongly believes in making healing accessible to any and everyone willing to take their healing journey soul deep. She has created an entire curriculum to teach RReST and desires for it to help heal the world forward.

Interested in a trauma informed certification from the Inside Out Experience?

You can get one with this course and your copy of RReST.

About the course

RReST is a six module, live, virtual Zoom class. You can attend this class one of two ways.

  1. Six hour Saturday intensive.
  2. Six weeks of ninety minute classes once a week.

Classes start soon and will be offered only a few times a year!

The next available intensive is COMING SOON!

The next six week course starts COMING SOON!

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future and live your best life embodying healing and understanding through compassion, courage and curiosity with RReST.

For students of the international association of trauma recovery coaches this course is worth 4 C.E.U.’s!

This course is normally valued at $650.00 and is available through The Inside Out Experience for only $360.00.