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Here is an introductory interview by Bobbi L. Parish CTRC-S, MA, TICC and founder of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches and our very own coach Pepper Joy Greggs CTRC-S on her theory and book RReST. The Restorative Response System Theory is a healing modality that is taking the world of trauma recovery and psychology by storm! Take an opportunity to learn more and get your copy of RReST (link below) today.

Download your RReST Workbook today!

Additional resources for mental health and wellness support.

Coach Pepper Joy Greggs, CTRC shares more on her theory RReST. In this video she addresses the Fight survival response.
More on RReST and the Flight survival response.
RReST and the Freeze survival response
RReST and the Fawn survival response.

Coach Pepper Joy CTRC-S joins the beautiful collective that is the Let’s Chit Chat Sis Podcast to talk about the Mother Daughter relationship. We encourage all parents and caregivers to give it a listen!

Check out Coaches PJ, MA, MCLC and Pepper Joy, CTRC-S in these other social media appearances.

Coaches PJ, MA, MCLC and Pepper Joy, CTRC-S JOIN the LET’S CHIT CHAT SIS podcast and youtube for a special episode.
Coaches PJ, MA, MCLC and Pepper Joy CTRCT-S join the LET’S CHIT CHAT SIS Podcast again for another special episode.

Check out Coach Pepper Joy On this Podcast, Unbecoming with Canadian Coach April Haggart CTRC.

Trauma Survivorhood podcast with Full Circle Wellspring

Coach Pepper Joy CTRC-S joins Full Circle Wellspring on the between the seasons series, to talk about RReST.

The Inside Out Experience on Youtube!

Coach PJ, MCLC, leads us in a powerful self love meditation in this video. Check out more on our channel.

At minute twenty two, we did a little interview. Thank you to the local Peace and Justice Center of Albuquerque for inviting us to share our work. We are looking forward to the future collaborations.

See more resources for trauma and mental health help below.

Coach Pepper Joy CTRC-S On Sandwich Parenting podcast with Sherry Yaun Hunter

Talking about RReST and taking the Science of Healing Soul Deep

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