Live your best life from the inside out!

Formerly known as Inside Out Soulutions, The Inside Out Experience has been offering coaching and consulting services since 2013. 

PJ and Pepper Joy have helped small businesses and individuals have healthier relationships and understanding of the intersectionality of life. 

From the beginning, being culturally mindful, communally safe and individually empowering has been the heart cry of our practice. 

Our vision has been to walk out healing with the harmed and offer up the wisdom of our ancestors for guidance and restoration. It is our belief that the power to move from survival, woundedness and toxicity comes from within. You are not what has happened to you, you become what you do with that. Unlike traditional therapy, we acknowledge and support that in order to truly live a fulfilling life, the mind, body and spirit must be aligned and included in the process. There is no “one and done” cure for fixing mindsets, combating conditioning and programming.

Life is a journey and on that journey we all deserve a village for support. Everyday we make choices in service to survival or thriving. In those choices you are doing the heavy lifting, the work of living, one way or another. If you’re going to be spending energy living, wouldn’t you like to be spending it from a space of healing and growing into a more authentic YOU? 

We are honored to be in the collective of humans helping to heal the world on a soul deep level.

 We invite you to join us and we are honored to be with you in this space and time, even if only through the reading of these very words. 

Release yourself to your destiny and live your best life from the inside out!

Pepper Joy, CTRCS
Trauma Alchemist

“I take the science of healing soul deep. People intuitively avoid their pain. I focus with them in a way that they feel safe and courageous to experience a natural shift of long held trauma.”-Pepper Joy

Pepper Joy is a certified Trauma Recovery Coach supervisor. 
She facilitates coaching for individuals, couples, in tandem with Rev PJ and in groups. 
Pepper Joy also helps other coaches in their practice to hone their skills and enhance their own healing experiences. 

Pepper Joy is a survivor of childhood trauma and human trafficking. She is no stranger to the complexities and intersectional pieces of the scope of trauma and its effects on the human brain, body and soul. She is the expert and creator of RReST, the Restorative Response Systems theory that is taking the world of psychology and trauma recovery by storm. Pepper Joy instructs coaches through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.

“It is my personal belief that if we have survival instincts from our reptilian brain, then we also possess a restorative intuition within our subconscious brain.”- Pepper Joy

She set out to prove this in her theory and teaches clients how to resource themselves for their own healing, recovery and thriving in life. Using compassion, courage and curiosity, Pepper Joy facilitates safe space to help clients walk through their pain and grief to the other side where literal Joy resides. 

“I love the broken hearted, the dark depressed soul, the wounded body and anxious mind. You are my people and I share healing with you in our collective vulnerability. “- Pepper Joy  

Pepper Joy, is a sex positive (sex workers welcome), pro LGBTQIA+, Black LIVES MATTER, Advocate and ally.

Even if these things do not align with you, you are welcome here.

Intuitive Energy Healer

Reverend PJ (he/him) is a master certified life coach with over 1000 hours of practice. Prior to beginning the Inside Out Experience, PJ worked as a spiritual teacher and community leader for over 20 years. He has a heart and a knack for helping people to both identify and walk into being their authentic self.

“With permission I transmute what is causing pain, blockage, and/or misalignment. This results in people living their best life, from the inside out.” – Rev. PJ
Let’s get you, living your best life!

Energy Healing

Charey K Fox

My practice is grounded in Fine Arts, Energy, Transpersonal and Educational Psychology models, and Wholistic Kinesiology.   Bringing decades of experience consulting, facilitating, and coaching across these disciplines.

Other life experience that is foundational to my resilience in working with clients is is owning and running a business collective, Source Community Healing Oasis, in Albuquerque, NM since 2006.

My vision is to share my life as an instrument of awakening our mass consciousness, doing my part to bring heaven to earth.

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