Bring in the New Year in a new way

By Joy Greggs

Traditionally, New Years Eve is the night to party, celebrate and makes lots of noise and memories. People often feel moved to set goals, resolutions and build inspirational boards. Everything from career, diet and kicking bad habits are laid on the altar to sacrifice for the ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU’ brand.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So we want to ask you, every year that you have attempted to accommodate a resolution, how successful have you been?

You can give a man a fish… yeah, look we aren’t going to keep using cheesy quotes and simple parables to help you see what you already know you want.

Let’s do New Year’s a little different this year. Let us instead hold space for our neurodivergent, agoraphobic, quarantined, shut-in or the “I am staying home and protecting my peace,” tribe.

Join us for an inclusive, peaceful, healing, gathering of the collective. Our head coach PJ will be walking us through different healing modalities in the somatic, mental and spiritual. Wash your hands with cool water and salt (tune in to find out why) and join us!

When: Dec 31st 2021, 11pm EST

Where: YouTubeLive!

What: Collectively raising our vibration through healing into the new year.

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